” Everything you want is on the other side of fear ”

we have always  heard or read this quote some people make with this quote and some is just reading it but for A.K she have always been hearing it all her life but never done with it because she never felt confident she have been the kind of a shy girl because she was fat and not pretty so she never have the courage to say hi to any guy she knew for first time she have always been in the friend zone and that made her lose her self confidence but when she was with her best friends she was the kind of hyper and supporter and funniest person you have ever known until one day came she decided to lose weight and to take care of her looks and never care about what people say and that made her more happier that girl became the most prettier than before so here is your tip never lose your self confidence and never take people words because it’s going to make you sad than before and never be afraid of anything do whatever you want and live your own life you only live once .

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